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Logistics Jobs

Logistics jobs span a broad spectrum of related operations. In a nutshell, logistics is the moving of goods, products or services from an origin point to an end destination for usage or consumption. Consequently, all of these moving parts means lots of key players are needed to keep everything in motion. The fast-paced field of logistics has much to offer.

Logistics Jobs Overview

Working in the field of logistics is ideal for someone who enjoys a real hands-on job. The industry attracts people from many walks, backgrounds and varied work experience. Opportunities in logistics are available at all education levels, from having a high school degree and working in a warehouse to jobs in logistics management that require several years of hands-on experience and holding a masters degree. Some of the jobs under the logistics umbrella include:

  • Supply chain
  • Transport
  • Procurement
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Courier
  • Routing/scheduling
  • Finance
  • Logistics Opportunities/Qualifications

    With a logistics job, it's not uncommon for a person with minimal qualifications to begin their career in a more basic role and work their way up the ladder. Truck drivers, warehouse workers and forklift operators are all spokes of the logistics wheel. Logistics companies tend to promote from within their ranks and train up, rather than recruit from outside the company.

    Naturally, the biggest logistics compnaies include some well-known names, but the top one is XPO Logistics, which has an annual turnover of around $8.6 billion in the United States and approximately $15 billion worldwide. UPS is number three, and DHL is number four, with J.B. Hunt Transport Services occupying the number two position.

    Important attributes to embody in any logistics role is a good sense of organization and strong communication skills. There are a number of schools that offer excellent programs whereby a logistics degree may be obtained. A certification program can go a long way in launching a career in this field. The Institute of Logistical Management has been in operation for more than 90 years and offers excellent distance/online coursework.

    A logistics job in any capacity or level is one that will not be boring. It is a quick moving and ever-growing industry with an endless variety of product and goods to be handled.

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